Christchurch boys' high school

A modern school
with a rich past

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Our teachers provide a weekly summary of student effort in class to ensure that student progress is well monitored. This allows for timely interventions from both school and home.

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The CBHS strategic plan reflects our heritage, and guides our future. It outlines the school’s priorities as communicated by our community - a sense of belonging, high all-round achievement and strong relationships.

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We place great importance on the development of fine young men. This award recognises those students who strive to be the best that they can be across all aspects of school life - academic, sporting, the arts and culture, service and responsibility.

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We are currently working to redesign the school for the next 50 years. It is a unique opportunity to design an environment to educate our fine young men towards outstanding achievement.

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Due to the generosity of a number of benefactors a number of scholarships are available exclusively to students of Christchurch Boys’ High School. These scholarships provide for tertiary study, business opportunities and service to the community.

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Our community expects a lot of us and we are grateful to a wide range of benefactors who have allowed us to retain control of the school’s destiny and identity.

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Altiora Peto - I Seek Higher Things

Since 1881 Christchurch Boys’ High School has dedicated itself to educating fine young men towards outstanding achievement. We have a strong heritage and community and a sense of belonging is a key feature of the school. We celebrate academic success and support this through sporting, cultural and social pursuits that further enhance the character and quality of our students.