Scholarships & Awards

The amount of each CBHS scholarship is dependant on the financial performance of the funds held in Trust and also on the number of applicants. Therefore, the values provided are intended to be used as an estimate only

Information about how to apply for a scholarship for 2018 will be provided shortly.

The Peter England and Family Community Relations Award

The Peter England and Family Community Relations Award was established by Peter England in 2014. The award is to encourage excellence and the development of Community Leaders from amongst the students of Christchurch Boys’ High School who have the potential to go and make a positive difference to both Christchurch and New Zealand (including community service abroad in developing countries), having regard to the promotion of purposes of the New Zealand Human Rights Act 1993 and its regulations and amendments or any enactment in the substitution thereof (this includes the Race Relations Commission) and prevention of violence and drug use minimisation may also be taken into account. Without limiting the purposes for which applications may be made, volunteer service abroad through recognised organisations, youth leadership programmes and support to participate in general community service activities will be considered. Preference will be given to Adams House students, though any student in the school may apply. Awards may be for a period of time during which the awardee is a student of the school, or to facilitate these purposes, for some period of time in the year immediately following the student’s leaving school. The award may be extended for longer if the funds are available. 

Application Process

Students may apply at any time of the year by submitting an application form to the Headmaster. The application form is available here or from the Headmaster’s Executive Assistant at the School Office. If the Headmaster deems the application is worthy of further consideration he will call a meeting of the Award Committee. The Award Committee may wish to interview the applicant or may make a decision based on the documentation provided.

The Awards Committee will have approximately $7,000 per annum available for distribution.

Derek Anderson Scholarship 2017

The Derek Anderson Scholarship, established in 2017, serves to promote personal development in students at Christchurch Boys’ High School. The scholarship provides funding for participation in programmes such as those offered by Outward Bound which have a focus on leadership, challenge and growth. The scholarship funding is not exclusively for Outward Bound Courses.  Two scholarships will be awarded in 2017 to two students in either Year 12 or 13 to a combined total value of $8000.

Applications will include the following:

Identify the course you wish to undertake, the dates and the cost.

  1. Outline your current and intended future contribution to Christchurch Boys’ High School and/or the community.

  2. Outline your thoughts about your future education or career pathway.

Applications should be with the Headmaster by 28 February 2017.   The scholarships will be awarded by a committee including the Headmaster and Derek Anderson (or a representative).


Sir Arthur Sims Scholarship

(by application)
Tenable for Degree Courses at Lincoln University

Established by Lady Sims in memory of her late husband, Sir Arthur Sims, himself an Old Boy and generous benefactor of Christchurch Boys’ High School. Available to students intending to study a degree course at Lincoln University. The award of these scholarships is conditional on gaining Level 3 NCEA 60 credits in achievement and/or unit standards over 3, 4 or 5 subjects. This is a supplement to other scholarships including sports scholarships. These scholarships may be continued in subsequent years (upon application each year) provided satisfactory academic performance is maintained. 

The value of the scholarship is $1,000 - $2,000


ANV Dobbs Memorial Scholarships 

(by application)
Tenable Preference for a University Bachelor of Commerce Degree

Available for students who are about to enter University. Preference is given to those studying for the Bachelor of Commerce degree. This Scholarship will be awarded based on the current year's Level 3 NCEA results (all subjects). This scholarship is available for the first three years of study provided satisfactory academic performance is maintained.

The value of the scholarship is $1,000 - $2,000


John Wilson Memorial Scholarships

(by application)
Tenable for Science Degree Courses at University of Canterbury

Established by Mrs DMF Wilson in memory of her son John. Awarded to student/students intending to study towards completing a Science degree at the University of Canterbury. It is intended to include computing and engineering (intermediate) provided there is a good Science component. 

The value of the scholarship is $2,000 (approx.)


AD Tench Awards

Tenable for Science Degree Courses at a NZ University

Established in the memory of Anthony Duncan Tench an Old Boy, for students taking a Science Course (pure science, engineering, medicine) at a New Zealand University. Up to three awarded annually. The awards are made following NCEA Level 3 examination results in consultation with the HOD of Science.

The value of the scholarship is $1,200 (approx.)


Bickerton-Widdowson Scholarships

Tenable for University of Canterbury for students who gain NCEA Level 3 Scholarship(s)

Established in 1950, these scholarships are for students of Christchurch Boys’ High School proceeding to study at Canterbury University. They are awarded to students for each NCEA Level 3 Scholarship gained.

The maximum value available for this scholarship is $10,000 in total


JF Moffat Scholarship

Tenable for Chemistry Degree Courses at the University of Canterbury

Established by an Old Boy John F Moffat. This scholarship is awarded to a student who intends studying chemistry at the University of Canterbury and is awarded following the NCEA Level 3 examination results in consultation with the HOD Science. 

The value of the scholarship is $1,000 (approx.)


Ngaere Leggat Scholarship

Tenable for an Adams House Student

The Ngaere Leggat Scholarship was established by Mrs Ngaere Leggat in 1959. In awarding the Scholarship, consideration is given to scholastic achievement, qualities of manhood, devotion to duty, sympathy for and encouragement and protection of those weaker than himself, kindness, unselfishness and fellowship; exhibition of moral force of character and of instinct to lead and taken an interest in his fellows; fondness for or ability in sports.

The value of the scholarship is $400.


Malcolm Brannagh Allen Scholarship

Tenable for an Adams House Student studying Telecommunications and/or Engineering

Established by Mr and Mrs AL Allen in memory of their son, a hostel boy who was at school from 1959-63. The annual scholarship is available to assist a Year 12 or Year 13 student at Adams House. The award is made to a boy who is of good all-round ability and of good character; intends attending a NZ University or Polytechnic to study telecommunications and/or engineering; and is in need of financial assistance. 

The value of the scholarship is $2,000.


Deans Scholar


The Deans Scholarship was founded in memory of RG Deans, a Senior Monitor of the school and one of the most distinguished leaders in character and athletics. The Scholarship, with which is given a bronze medal and a sum of approximately $2,000, is awarded at the end of his last year to the boy who in the highest degree exhibits the qualities of intellect, athletic ability, leadership and character. 


Centennial Award


The Centennial Award, in the name of Christchurch Boys’ High School Old Boys’ Association, recognises the founding of the Association in 1912. The award is to a Year 13 student who has, during this past year performed to, or contributed at an exceptional level nationally and/or internationally. In the pursuit of his achievements, the recipient has enhanced the name of Christchurch Boys’ High School through his manner and his commitment, and he has provided a fine role model for all other students at the school.

The Centennial Award provides the recipient with a gold medal and $1,000.