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25 April 2018

Anzac Day 2018 - CBHS Hall 10.00am

Anzac Day is a day of remembrance when we reflect on our present freedoms and quality of life. At Christchurch Boys’ High School we have a long tradition of coming together on this day, as a community group, to remember the men who served and died for New Zealand from the Boer War to Afghanistan and on our peace keeping duties around the world. 

All Year 9 students are actively involved in the service, at School, on 25 April 2018.  Their participation will give them time to reflect on the significance of the day and make connections with their own family stories and those from School. Christchurch Boys' High School lost 140 Old Boys in World War I and over 200 in World War II.

Students need to be on site assembling at 9.30am in the covered area outside the small gym, with staff to organise for the ceremony.  Students are to wear full uniform, including their jerseys; they will receive a new poppy if they do not already have one.  If your son wishes to wear family medals please ensure they are securely pinned, to the right side of his chest – the left side is for those people in the Services. 

If however, you are in another place, city/town we encourage you to participate, with your son, in joining one of the Morning Services occurring there on Anzac Day to commemorate those who have gone before us.

We welcome you and your extended family’s attendance and participation in this community event and look forward to meeting with you there.