Cultural Achievements 2016


Southern Youth Jam Jazz Festival

13 August 2016

The Dixie Band won a Silver Award, the Big Band won a Gold Award, and the Funk Ensemble won a ‘Gold Award’. During the course of the week the judges listened to every school at the festival and chose an ‘All Star Band’ – a single band that comprised the best of the best on each particular instrument.

5 members of the CBHS groups were selected for this band: Dean Gibson on Drums, Alex Smith on Alto Sax, Oliver Carter on Trumpet, Sam White on Guitar, and Tarn Puentener-King on Percussion. With only 19 students selected to be in the band it was a great effort for CBHS to have over 25% of the members. Members of the CBHS groups also won individual awards. Tarn Puentener-King won ‘Most Outstanding Musician on a non-traditional jazz instrument’ on Percussion, Sam White won ‘Most Outstanding Bassist’, Dean Gibson won ‘Best Big-Band Drummer’, ‘Most Outstanding Drummer’, and he also took out the premier individual award of the festival - ‘Most Outstanding Musician’ To cap the whole week off, the CBHS Funk Ensemble was named as ‘Best Jazz Ensemble’ at the Festival.


Stage Challenge 2016

15 July 2016

We had 117 students from Christchurch Boys’ and Girls’ High School participate. This was a large group for five leaders of Pieta Harding, Jess Forsyth, Aleisha Laird, Grace Kortegast and myself, but with the help of a few teachers from both schools on the day we got through it. Although these were the only the people that were there on the day, there were also many more students behind the scenes that helped us create the performance we gave.


This year we were placed 2nd out of 14 other schools.

Choir Music

Christchurch Voices Festival

31 August 2016

A group of students (Junior Pops Choir) performed at the Christchurch Voices Festival alongside schools from all over the South Island, showcasing what they are able to do. The group received an award for excellence in Ensemble Singing and Audience Engagement.  
The group were :  
Zach Schurr (Yr 9)
Caleb Davidson (Yr 10)
Logan Edwards (Yr 9)
Giles Mcgrath (Yr 9)
Oscar Kilpatrick (Yr 9)
Alex Iggo (Yr 10)
Theo Johnson (Yr 9)
Theo McIntosh (Yr 10)
Joel nicholls (Yr 10)


Confucius Classroom of the Year Award 2016

10 November 2016

The Confucius Classroom of the Year Award is to recognise the excellent Chinese program and outstanding achievements in Chinese language teaching and learning.

National Speech Competition
Year 10 Raphael Jung won the 3rd prize at the National Chinese Speech competition organised by the Confucius Institutes at Auckland University, University of Canterbury and Victoria University .

National Calligraphy Competition
Year 10 Raphael Jung, Michael Jung and Year 9 Liam Carson won 3rd prize at the National Calligraphy competition organised by the Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury.

National Essay Writing Competition
Year 13 Jin Su Kim won 2nd prize, year 13 Hamish Familton , Year 12  Jack Walsh and Ashton O'Neill-Morel won 3rd prizes and Liam Dempsey won Merit prize at the National essay competition organised by the Confucius Institute at Auckland University.

HSK International Chinese Proficiency Test - many Year 11 and Year 12 students have achieved over 90% in the international Chinese Proficiency tests.

Year 11

Jack Chapman, Level one 100%, Level two 98%

Nathan Chong, Level one 97.5%, Level two 96.5%

Alfie Robinson, Level one 97.%, Level two 90.5%

Tae Kang, Level one 95%, Level two 76.5%

Sam Varley, Level one 92.5%, Level two 80.5%

Oliver Healing, Level one 90%, Level two 73%

Joseph Healing, Level one 85%, Level two 86%


Year 12

Jack Walsh, Level one 97.5%, Level two 97%

Liam Dempsey, Level one 92.5%, Level two 90%

Ashton O'Neill-Morel, Level one 92.5%, Level two 92%

Ben Graham, Level one 80%, Level two 92.5%

Angus Macbeth, Level one and two 84.5%

Nick Williamson, Level one 77.5%, Level two 87%

Contribution in promoting Chinese language teaching and learning.

The Confucius Classroom at CBHS also regularly provides workshops on Chinese language teaching and learning for teachers from other school in Canterbury and co-organised Chinese Immersion day for students from other schools in Canterbury to experience Chinese language and culture.