2023 Year 9 CBHS Cricket and Rugby Camps

15 Nov 2022

The school will again be holding rugby and cricket introduction camps for 2023 Year 9 students. These camps are a great way for boys to meet and greet their peers who are joining the CBHS team in 2023.  

The rugby camp is being held from 20th – 21st December and the three-day cricket camp is being held from 18th – 20th January next year. The cricket camp will also act as an initial trial with further trials being held in week 1 of term. Term 1 Year 9 cricket teams are selected of equal ability with a further round of selection occurring before the term 4 season so attendance at the camp is not compulsory or a significant component of selection of the term 1 teams. 

Registration for the camps closes on Friday 9th December so check your emails for the registration link. If you cant find the school email please go to your family portal and check the Available E-Forms for the registration link.