Haka and School Song

The CBHS Haka

The haka was intended not only to intimidate the enemy, but also to work up the performer to the pitch of excitement necessary to enable him to ‘go over the top’.

It was during the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987, held in NZ, that the All Blacks and the haka gained such an unprecedented international profile. The fact that it was televised so widely meant that even the less than ardent rugby viewer was able to glimpse the spectacle of ‘Ka mate’.

When Henare Teowai was asked, ‘What is the art of performing haka?’ Henare Teowai’s reply was, ‘Kia korero te katoa o te tinana’ (The whole body should speak). 

Haka is an expression of emotion – every emotion for every occasion. 


Te Haka
‘Ngā Tamatane o Otautahi’
(The young men of Christchurch Boys’ High School)
~Te Huaki Puanaki

Download the full CBHS Haka. 


The School Song

The Christchurch Boys' High School song was written by two old boys, W.F. Alexander (at school 1895-1898) and F.C. A'Court (at school 1898-1901), and continues to empower and inspire our students. 

"The School we magnify"
"Honour Our School and Keep Her Rule"

Download the CBHS song lyrics here.


The School Crest


The CBHS crest emphasises elements that are important to the schools identify, and what the school endeavors to uphold -to seek to develop our spiritual, aesthetic, intellectual and idealistic aspects: and to carry out scholarships, sport, service, stagecraft and situations in a way that produces excellence.

  • angel and the cross –symbols of the religious – spiritual basis of Canterbury, the University and our School
  • books – symbols of scholarship
  • cricket bat – symbol of sport
  • rifle – symbol of service
  • stock and crops – symbols of sustenance which the School takes from and gives to the community
  • THE MOTTO – ‘Altiora Peto’ encourages our school ‘to seek higher things'