O God, the Father of all men, we remember today the old boys of this School who fought and died for our country in war.

We remember them first as they were at school - the brilliant and the average, the talented and the ordinary, the sport-lovers and the book-lovers.

We remember them as they were in their families - as sons, brothers, husbands, fathers.

We remember them as they were in the armed forces:

  • as comrades in the routine and tedium of army life
  • as comrades in the discomfort of makeshift camps
  • as comrades in the danger of battle
  • as comrades in suffer, as wounded, or as prisoners of war.

We remember them as some among the millions of all races, friend and foe, who suffered and died when madness plunged the world into war.

We remember them as men who responded to the call of duty, who did the job that had to be done, without complaint, without false heroics, without self-seeking.

O God our Father,  we thank you for their sense of duty and their endurance.

We thank you, that in fighting for a cause, they did not become embittered against their enemies. We pray that we, in our generation, may respond, as they did, to the duty that is laid on us:

  • the duty to preserve the peace they fought to bring
  • the duty to foster such friendship and brotherhood among the people of the world, that in the future, nations may neither fight wars nor prepare to fight wars.

Oh God, help us, in gratitude for the suffering and sacrifice of our old boys, to dedicate ourselves to live and work for peace.



Written by D.C. Close
Staff member