Ben Mould named the Oceania Championship “Chinese Language Young Ambassador” at the International Competition in China

Ben Mould won the Oceania Championship and was awarded the title of “Chinese Language Young Ambassador” at the Chinese International Competition in China.

Zavier Toaolamai-Holden achieved fourth place in Oceania, received the Outstanding Creativity Award, and obtained a 6-month international Chinese scholarship valid for 3 years, covering tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and international round-trip airfare.

Max Wan secured fifth place in Oceania and received a 6-month international Chinese scholarship valid for 3 years, covering tuition, accommodation, and living expenses. 

A total of 110 seniors and 58 juniors from 95 countries participated in the competition.

The entire competition was conducted in Chinese, including the instructions. Seniors went through 4 rounds of competition to determine the top 30. The first round involved a Chinese knowledge test worth 100 points, followed by a speech (also 100 points) in the second round, and a talent performance, also worth 100 points, in the third round. The fourth round consisted of 3 sections: the first required assembling Chinese characters using radicals and different parts within 3 minutes, with each correct character valued at 5 points and a total score of 50 points. The second section involved answering 5 questions about visited places, with each question worth 5 points. The last section involved rearranging Chinese words into coherent sentences to comprehend the given task and complete the task within 3 minutes, this part carried 25 points. The cumulative points determined the top 30 finalists, and our seniors came very close to securing a place in that category.

The junior participants underwent four Chinese lessons focused on the places they visited, immediately followed by a test after each lesson. Each test held a value of 20 points, accumulating to a total of 80 points. Subsequently, they delivered a speech and a performance, both valued at 100 points. The sum of these points ultimately determined the outcome of the championship.

The boys had an exceptional experience and forged new friendships during the competition. Considering that many contestants had studied Chinese for 7-10 years, their performance was commendable. They represented both the South Island and the school admirably. I take great pride in witnessing their presence on stage.