CBHS Community Event – Lifting the Lid on the alcohol culture at CBHS

11 Jun 2021

Date: Tuesday, June 29th

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: CBHS Hall

The use and abuse of alcohol, among other drugs, is a nationwide problem with lifelong impacts on individuals, families, and communities. Within parts of the CBHS community, there is clearly a culture of excess that surrounds alcohol. This was again evident in the behaviour of some recent old boys at the Christ’s College-CBHS rugby match.

The legal drinking age of 18 has blurred some lines for senior students and there is something of a vacuum of quality information and guidance about sensible attitudes to alcohol. To help address this, we are convening an evening seminar about the wider issue – the risks associated with drinking, strategies for dealing with pressure, and the legal implications for under-age drinkers. This is vital information for every parent, whether tolerant of their son’s drinking or concerned about peer pressure, equally relevant for the parents of seniors and juniors.

Keynote speakers include researcher and public speaker Nathan Wallis, Mata Murray (a high-profile old boy who played in a school 1st team), Graham Clarke, and George Cairney, both of whose lives were greatly affected by drink-driving crashes, as well as Miriam Chittenden and Darren Cranfield of NZ Police. We also hope to confirm a staff member from Christchurch Hospital A&E Dept to give a valued perspective on the effects on staff and resources of excessive intoxicant use.

All members of the school community are welcome to attend what we expect will be a highly informative evening.