NCEA Immersion Day at UC a Great Success

Senior students of Japanese participated in an immersion day at UC on 7 June, just in time for speaking assessments in many cases. Over 550 students from across wider Christchurch, along with their teachers, joined UC staff and Japanese students in an intensive day of focused study and cultural enrichment. Three sessions were held, in which students were divided into mixed groups within their year-level, to be taught key concepts by Japanese teachers that most had never met.

The day featured a variety of learning activities and the chance to mix with fellow Japanese learners from across the province. An initial welcome included an address from Sam Stapley, owner of the Mayfair Hotel who shared his experiences of learning Japanese and the business and lifestyle opportunities it has opened for him.

Following an intense day of hard work, students were entertained by Takumi, the renowned taiko drum group, whose members include past and present students of CBHS. The day culminated with a dance performance, a video of which has been compiled and has been uploaded to YouTube – the boys who attended have been sent the link. Some of the dancing was a bit tragic, but all enjoyed it.

A highlight of the day was the announcement of Helius Tee as the winner of the annual Konnichi wa Speech Competition. Helius’ speech was lauded by the judges as being a great example of how a diligent student can achieve a wonderful grasp of Japanese, a language that continues to be very popular among students here in NZ and the world over. Congratulations to all who attended for their courage in getting out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves as they did.

Helius Tee, with the Director of the Consular Office of Japan, Mr Tsuguyoshi Hada