School Bus Services during Level 2

08 Sep 2021

  • There are no capacity restrictions. Students are able to stand on the bus.
  • Face coverings are not required
  • QR scanning is not required. NOTE that this is because schools are a defined group and each school is expected to have a list of which students are on which bus.

 Public bus and ferry services

  • All passengers must be seated. Therefore there is restricted capacity to the number of seats on each vehicle.
  • When the seats are full the bus driver will display “Full Bus” on the display and will not stop for passengers at stops until there are seats available.
  • Face coverings must be worn for everyone aged 12 and over unless they have an exemption for health reasons.
  • QR scanning is expected. QR codes are displayed on all buses and ferries.

We are aware that there are many students who catch the public bus to school. It is important for them to understand the expectations of them.

Metro are expecting that during peak times, 7am – 9am and 2.30pm – 5pm, there will be public buses that will reach capacity and some students may not be picked up as expected. It is suggested that parents and students using public buses consider:

  • Allowing extra time for their travel
  • Finding alternative transport options to get to and from school while we are in Alert level 2 (Delta).