School Donation – 2022

31 Mar 2022

Thank you very much to everyone who has paid their school donation to date. We rely on these funds to enhance the life of the school through supporting cultural activities, sports, music, drama, employing additional staff to supplement Learning Support, and provide extra teachers.

Donations and voluntary contributions qualify for a rebate of 33% from the Inland Revenue.  Note, donations received after 1 April will fall into the 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 tax year.

Our system will automatically generate and email you an official Tax Donation Receipt for the period 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 before the end of April. If you require a copy of your receipt, it is available via the Parent Portal.

Receipts can be claimed by either parent / caregiver named on the family account or can be shared.

It is the responsibility of parents / caregivers to ensure compliance with the relevant taxation requirements.


Every year, we spend thousands on co-curricular activities, music, drama and extra staffing. We want to offer CBHS students the best. It all costs money, and it is hard for us to continue to ask.

This is why CBHS has partnered with TaxGift. TaxGift lets you simply and easily donate the tax credit on your donations to us, amplifying the power of your gift by up to 43% at no cost to you.

Let’s take a moment to think about the below diagram: for every $100 dollars you donate to us, the School will receive another $33.33 at the end of the first year. This $33.33 is considered a further gift of money meaning that $11.11 is claimable the following year and so on. After three years, your $100 donation could be worth up to $148.

It takes less than a minute to opt in to TaxGift by clicking the link below. Then your job is done. TaxGift will integrate with Inland Revenue to claim the donation tax credit and pass them back to us, as a further gift from you.

Historical tax credits
Here is another way that you can help even further: if you have yet to claim your tax credit on donations to us in the past four years, simply tick the box on the form – via the link below – regarding the past four years’ donations and the team at TaxGift will claim them as a further gift to us. This is a really powerful way to help put those unclaimed credits to good use.

Click here to TaxGift

Your TaxGift helps us provide the best for every student at CBHS. Sign up and make all your gifts go further – make a difference and TaxGift today.