2021 School Photos available now (excluding winter sports which are being taken 22 September)

21 Sep 2020

All students have had their Kaitiaki class photos taken for 2021, summer sports and cultural photos  – winter sports photos will be taken on 22 September.

Please note only Year 9 and Year 13 students have individual photos taken.

Important information

  1. A ‘shoot key code’ for families to view and order on the Photolife website has today been given to Kaitiaki to be handed out to your son. You will only be able to access your own son’s photo(s). This shoot code applies to class, sporting and cultural photos.
  2. Click here to order your photos.
  3. All photos will be available online, orders will be sent directly to your home address and will incur a P & H cost of $6.00, payable to Photolife when you place the order.
  4. Photos will still be able to be ordered for up to one year after this from the Photolife website.