Students residing within the school’s zone (see map below) have priority right of entry. If there are still places available after the receipt of applications from students within the zone, other applications will be accepted.

Legal Boundaries of CBHS Zone –

  • Starting from the intersection of Tuam Street and Colombo Street:
    • West along Tuam Street to the north eastern corner of South Hagley Park
    • West across South Hagley Park to the traffic lights south of Mayfair Street on Deans Avenue
    • Due west along the northern side only of the cycleway to the intersection between Blenheim Road and Pope Street
    • West along the northern side only of Blenheim Road to Lowe Street
    • North west along Lowe Street to Mandeville Street
    • South along Mandeville Street to Blenheim Road
    • West along Blenheim Road to Wharenui Road
    • North along Wharenui Road to Riccarton Road
    • East along Riccarton Road to Clyde Road
    • North east along Clyde Road to Creyke Road
    • North west along Creyke Road to Ilam Road
    • North west and east along Ilam Road to Wairakei Road
    • North along Wairakei Road to Blighs Road
    • North east along Blighs Road to Papanui Road
    • South east along Papanui Road to Mays Road
    • North east along Mays Road to Rutland Street
    • South east along Rutland Street to Westminister Street
    • North east along Westminister Street to Cranford Street
    • South along Cranford Street to Edgeware Road
    • West along Edgeware Road to Colombo Street
    • South along Colombo Street to the northern intersection with Cathedral Square
    • Due south to the 3-way intersection between Colombo Street, Cathedral Square and Hereford Street
    • South along Colombo Street to Tuam Street

All residential properties on or within the boundary of streets described above shall be in-zone addresses for the purpose of an in-zone enrolment to Christchurch Boys’ High School.