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Board of Trustees for 2023

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Board of Trustees

Board Chair - Michael Singleton

Congratulations to new Board Chair Michael, Michael is a member of the Executive Leadership Team at Christchurch International Airport and was co-opted to the Board during 2018.

Michael and Pip have been part of the CBHS community since 2014 with the last of their children due to finish his CBHS journey at the end of 2024. During that time Michael has experienced CBHS as a parent, supporter, occasional coach, club committee member and Board member. He has chaired the Board since 2022.

Passionate about the School’s role in developing fine young men for a modern world with an ever-changing set of opportunities and challenges, Michael is proud of the work the Board and Leadership team have put in to ensure CBHS now has in place a well thought out and clear vision for the future strategic direction of the School.

Michael is Chief Strategy and Stakeholder Officer at the Christchurch Airport and has been on its Executive Leadership Team since 2014. In 2014 Michael was appointed the Canterbury Rugby Union’s first independent director, a position he held until he joined the CBHS Board in 2018.

Headmaster - Nic Hill

Nic has been Headmaster at Christchurch Boys’ High School since June of 2013. He is the school’s 11th Headmaster.

Originally from the Hawkes Bay, Nic has taught at Wellington College and Waitaki Boys’ High School. Nic is very proud of his association with Christchurch Boys’ High School.

He believes it is a school with a strong sense of community and identity, he calls these the Boys’ High advantages, and these characteristics lead to outstanding achievement and a sense of individual self worth.

Andrew Haig

Andrew is commencing his second term on the Board. Andrew is a founding Owner and Director of Rubix, a national professional project management business. Andrew leads the people and culture at Rubix and is highly experienced in the Education and Aviation sector projects of significant scale. As a Project Director with over 30 years experience Andrew thrives on establishing project management frameworks to manage capital project delivery including delivering against programme and budget, with strong strategic and commercial direction.

Andrew is passionate about strong project process to provide successful results toward exceeding his clients demands. Andrew is committed to offer his property expertise to the CBHS community through governance over the school redevelopment as set out by the Strategic and Master Plans. He is chairing the Property and Resources Committee with the Ministry and project teams to ensure successful delivery of each master plan stage.

Through the second half of 2017 Andrew provided support to Nic (Headmaster) and the Board of Trustees attending the Property Steering Committee overseeing the construction of the new school Hall. After co-opting in 2018, he was then elected as a Board Member in 2019 and continues on the Board for the second term from 2022.

Important to Andrew is the development of strong respectful men. Providing the ability for our boys to explore their future through as many opportunities as possible and to be prepared for life beyond Christchurch Boys’ High School wherever their journey takes them.

Andrew and wife Emma, have a daughter and two sons, the youngest boy is completing his Y13 year in 2024.

Tim Cookson

Tim is a an old boy of CBHS and Adams House. Tim and his wife Lucy currently have one boy at CBHS, boarding at Adams House.

Tim has worked in Farm Consultancy, Agronomy and in 2000 he and Lucy purchased their first farm. This has expanded and now incorporates the family property as well. Irrigation was introduced in 2015 which has subsequently allowed the farm to become diversified from its dryland origins. The property now grows a range of arable crops, beef and grazing dairy young stock.

Tim currently has governance roles in North Canterbury Rural Support Trust, NZ Seed Industry, Forestry and Farming. He appreciates and understands the traditions and history of CBHS. This is something Tim is passionate about, maintaining and continuing for future generations. Tim also wants to ensure the school continues to move forward and develop innovative pathways for boys so that CBHS’s reputation of producing fine young men continues. Tim is looking forward to helping the school continue to provide the best possible education for all of the boys in its care.

Mark Zino

Mark and his wife Rachael have had two boys board at Adams House while attending CBHS.  Both boys have now finished and moved on to their next challenge of Lincoln University and working.  The boys have made lifelong friends with a great group of CBHS boys through boarding, sport and school life.  Its been great to watch the care and attention provided to the boys by the Adams House staff, School staff, sport coaches and managers.  Its been a privilege to watch them grow up this way.  Although the boys have finished school Mark is still keen to give his governance experience to the CBHS BOT for the remainder of his term. Mark really enjoys watching his boys sport and is a member of the CBHS rowing committee.

After graduating from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Commerce and Management degree, Mark travelled extensively throughout the world where he gained an appreciation for the amazing country we call home. Being born and raised on the land gave Mark a desire to return and farm the land. Mark and his family are the second generation in a family farming business in Hawarden, North Canterbury. The farming business is based on sheep, beef, venison, velvet and grazing dairy stock. The key focus of the farm is animal performance and welfare, while looking after their environment. Mark wants to ensure the next generation to farm this land have a productive and environmentally sustainable farm to work with.

Mark has governance roles in farming, lamb marketing and agricultural contracting, and a long association including governance of a Community Irrigation Scheme.
Mark strongly believes in single sex schools for boys and is an advocate for boys having the opportunity to board. He is a supporter of maintaining traditions and school history through the education process. Mark believes it is the Board and the School’s role to provide the staff with the resources and facilities to enhance the boys academic standards in a positive learning environment. Mark wants to ensure the future success and sustainability of CBHS, so it can continue to provide our fine young men with lots of opportunities in the future.

Analisa Elstob
Emily Flaszynski

Emily Flaszynski joined the board in 2022. Emily leads the Relationship Property and Family Law team a Mortlock McCormack Law in Christchurch.  She specializes in separation, the division of relationship property, and any other issues that affects families including contentious trust and estate disputes.

Emily is also a Member of the Canterbury Earthquake Insurance Tribunal and presides over residential insurance claim disputes arising out of the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence.  With a background in dispute resolution and problem solving, and as a trained mediator, Emily brings a different skill set to the team. She has 3 teenagers, 2 now at university and has been involved with schools as a Board of Trustees member for many years.

Co-opted Discipline - Pete Chaplin
Staff Trustee - Al Drayton

Al Drayton, has deep roots in the school being a fourth-generation Old Boy. He has taught at CBHS for five years and is Head of Commerce.  During his career Al has been a Dean, Head of House, and managed Boarding. Al has taught throughout New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada.  He loves travelling in NZ and abroad.

Rey Kumar

Current Year 12 (2024)

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