All International students enrolled at Christchurch Boys’ High School must be living with either a parent, school-approved homestay or designated caregiver (other adult chosen by your parents). Homestay accommodation is the best way to develop your English language while living and studying in Christchurch.

Our homestay programme provides the international students with quality accommodation and a caring environment to support the student during their time at Christchurch Boys’ High School. These homestays are monitored closely and supervised by the school.

A homestay will provide you with:
A warm, comfortable furnished room with study facilities
Three meals a day
Laundry services
Reasonable house rules for your guidance and for you to respect
Encourage you to participate in the family’s activities and events and help you with your English
Regular contact with the homestay co-ordinator and/or your guardian to make sure you are happy in your homestay
Friendship, care and guidance
A safe physical and emotional environment, conducive to studying

New Zealand Homes
New Zealand homes typically have 2-3 bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and laundry. They are also not usually in high-rise buildings, but a single or double-storey home. Most homes have a garden, and may have pets. All homestays arranged through the school have been assessed for suitability in compliance with the processes set out in the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.

All International students enrolled at Christchurch Boys’ High School must have a guardian. This may be your agent, a family friend or school appointed person on your behalf. Your guardian will:
Be the contact person for the school
Work with the school in monitoring your progress
Be available at any time for your support and protection
If you would like the school to arrange homestay, please complete the homestay request in the enrolment form provided.

If you wish to become a homestay please see the link below.

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