About Us

We are a leading boys school with a focus on tradition and respect, helping to develop boys into empathetic and inclusive young men

Christchurch Boys’ High School proudly values high academic achievement while also recognising the importance of creating well-rounded young men able to make a positive contribution to both New Zealand society and our global society.

We encourage our teachers to build positive relationships with their students, to know the academic and social needs of their students, and to show that they care about the personal and collective successes of their students.

We have close ties with our active and supportive community of parents, Old Boys and friends who contribute enormously to our success.

The staff of Christchurch Boys’ High School do have high expectations of the performance and character of all boys and understand their role in building meaningful relationships and acting as significant role models.

Our History and Community

Christchurch Boys’ High School opened on May 18 1881. A boys’ high school in Christchurch came about because of the concern held by the staff of Canterbury College (now Canterbury University) that the students presenting themselves for university study were not sufficiently trained.

The link between the university and school and the school’s role in preparing students for academic study has been a dominant feature of Boys’ High School’s history.

ERO Report 2019

This positive review states that Christchurch Boys’ High School is well placed to achieve valued outcomes for students. The report summarises the school’s key strengths:

  • promoting a positive and inclusive school culture that builds a sense of belonging for students
  • maintaining the school’s valued traditions alongside innovation for meeting the learning and well being needs, and the aspirations of students
  • using feedback effectively in a range of areas to inform decision making and future improvements

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