Why choose Christchurch Boys’ High School?

Our curriculum is holistic, and we strongly believe in the importance of our teachers building side by side relationships with our students and guiding them to academic and social success.

In an increasingly technological world, our core purpose of modelling and encouraging caring and compassionate men, who have the strength to follow their values, has become even more important.

Boys in boys’ schools do achieve more highly in NCEA, boys’ schools do have a greater work focus and even more importantly boys’ schools provide an environment within which to discuss, celebrate and craft a modern masculinity.


We value high academic achievement, but recognise the importance of creating well-rounded young men.

We encourage independent thinking and problem solving in our students, giving them opportunities to develop their humanity and thrive in a rapidly changing society.


CBHS aims to provide a sporting environment which caters for the diverse and changing school community through the provision of a variety of sporting activities for all students who wish to participate in sport, regardless of ability.


  • Promote and enhance the school’s values, mission and vision
  • Develop fine young men
  • Support academic achievement
  • Build relationships and community

Culture & the Arts

We encourage participation in cultural activities while at Boys’ High, and have ample opportunities for boys to learn instruments and perform in a wide range of groups.

Our cultural activities include Music, Drama, Film and Media, Pasifika and Kapa Haka.

Well-being (Hauora)

Counsellors are available for you to see at any time you wish during school hours, regarding any matter. The school very much encourages you to go and speak to them at any time about any concerns or problems that may be on your mind.

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