Mark Zino

Mark and his wife Rachael have had two boys board at Adams House while attending CBHS.  Both boys have now finished and moved on to their next challenge of Lincoln University and working.  The boys have made lifelong friends with a great group of CBHS boys through boarding, sport and school life.  Its been great to watch the care and attention provided to the boys by the Adams House staff, School Staff and sport coaches and managers.  Its been a privilege to watch them grow up this way.  Although the boys have finished school Mark is still keen to give his governance experience to the CBHS BOT for the remainder of his term.

After graduating from Lincoln University with a Bachelor of Commerce and Management degree, Mark travelled extensively throughout the world where he gained an appreciation for the amazing country we call home. Being born and raised on the land gave Mark a desire to return and farm the land. Mark and his family are the second generation in a family farming business in Hawarden, North Canterbury. The farming business is based on sheep, beef, venison, velvet and grazing dairy stock. The key focus of the farm is animal performance and welfare, while looking after their environment. Mark wants to ensure the next generation to farm this land have a productive and environmentally sustainable farm to work with.
Mark has governance roles in farming, lamb marketing and agricultural contracting, and a long association including governance of a Community Irrigation Scheme.
Mark really enjoys watching his boys sport and is a member of the CBHS rowing committee.
Mark strongly believes in single sex schools for boys and is an advocate for boys having the opportunity to board. He is a supporter of maintaining traditions and school history through the education process. Mark believes it is the board and the school’s role to provide the staff with the resources and facilities to enhance the boys academic standards in a positive learning environment. Mark wants to ensure the future success and sustainability of CBHS, so it can continue to provide our fine young men with lots of opportunities in the future.

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