Donations and Sponsorship

18 May 2016

John Morrissey Grandstand and Field Sponsorship

Grandstand sponsorship is a great way for businesses to show their support for CBHS and promote themselves to the wider school community.

Option A                      2.1m x 1.1m                $1,600 excl. GST
Option B                      1.0m x 1.1m                $900 excl. GST (i.e. Norjo)

With the completion of the Grandstand you now have the wonderful opportunity of being able to advertise on an annual basis your company, product, service or organisation on the Grandstand. There are two sizes available :

  • 2100mm X 1100mm at $1600 plus GST
  • 1000mm X 1100mm at $900 plus GST (currently all taken for this term)

These costs include the design time, if supplied, with appropriate logos. The signage can be seen from a distance and are positioned along the top of the grandstand behind the last row of seats and on the lower deck.

Contact Craig Dunnett 0274 222 679 or email The term is for one year from May to May.

Grandstand Seat Donation

Show your support for CBHS Rugby by buying a seat in the grandstand, secure your place in history with your name or buy for a family member. $200.00 secures your seat for life.

Options include :

  • Name and years at CBHS
  • Name and years in CBHS 1st XV
  • Family names through the generations


  • The $200.00 donation does not guarantee you the right to sit in that seat for any specific game
  • The seat donation is a one-off charge, the seats will not be re-sold

Contact Craig Dunnett 0274 222 679 or email