Using digital technologies to support learning is a crucial aspect of 21st Century teaching and learning at Christchurch Boys' High School. 

In 2020, it is recommended and strongly encouraged that all students bring their own device to aid their learning. 

Research has shown that there is increasing evidence of the positive impact of digital technologies in areas such as motivation, engagement, efficacy and interaction. 

​Some of the main benefits of using technology to aid learning at Christchurch Boys' High School include:

  • Boys can collaborate and learn in groups at any time in an online space
  • Boys can learn with text, voice, video, images and electronic ink
  • Boys like the ability to keep their work in one neat and tidy electronic notebook
  • Teachers are able to use different forms of instant and personalised feedback for students
  • Teachers can provide varied and personalized learning programmes and assessment opportunities for students

Please note : All new students will be taken through an induction process whereby they will be given instructions on how to download Office 365. This will be done in the first week of school in 2020. For existing students that purchase new devices and need to download Office 365, instructions are available from the ICT Help notebook which students can access via the intranet. https://intranet.cbhs.school.nz/start/helpdesk.

A Balanced Approach to BYOD

We are increasingly aware of the amount of time that students are spending in front of a device and are conscious that we want to develop well-rounded, well-balanced young men.  In class, teachers will get students to use their device when it is deemed appropriate.  We also encourage parents to set some boundaries around the amount of time that their sons are spending on their devices.  Nathan Wallis, a researcher and parenting commentator, has suggested that there is a clear correlation between device use and anxiety and depression. He also said that to insulate our youth from this risk they need to have at least two hours every day that is device free.

Device Specifications
These recommended specifications are set with 2-3 years of use, and senior subjects, in mind.

  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Touchscreen and stylus
  • Screen size of at least 11 inches. Please note 12 inches is preferred for senior Digital Technologies.
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 128GB+ SSD
  • 5GHz Wireless capability. 802.11ac standard and 2x2
  • Battery life 7+ hours
  • Keyboard
  • Light enough to be carried around throughout the day
  • Protective case/bag/cover – or ensure the device is sturdy enough for school use
  • USB port; video output such as HDMI, Mini Display Port or VGA; audio output
  • Camera and sound recording capability
  • A set of headphones
  • Warranty – faults must be fixed quickly, and a temporary replacement service is desirable
  • Insurance (We strongly recommend that you take out specific insurance on the device. Our partner, Cyclone, offers a no excess policy. The school is not responsible for damage or loss of the device.)

Staff have undertaken professional development to use the capabilities of the recommended devices in our classrooms.  Students whose choices do not meet our device specifications may be disadvantaged in some tasks. 

We are aware that some students already have a device that they were using at their previous school.  Please note that Chromebooks and iPads do not meet our device specifications.  Unfortunately, they do not allow students to properly utilise Office 365 or other software used at Christchurch Boys’ High School. 

If you have an existing Windows device with at least a 10” screen and 64GB of storage, this may be adequate for Year 9, but some activities may not be possible or be more difficult.  An upgrade for senior classes would be essential.  If you would like to discuss the device specifications, please email enquiries@staff.cbhs.school.nz


MacBooks can be used but the school does not support them.  If a student chooses to use a Macbook computer, it is their responsibility to have all required software installed and working in Week 1 of Term 1. This may

involve a cost to the student, particularly if they are taking Senior Digital Technology or Statistics. Students will need to be extremely familiar with their Macbooks in order to use them effectively in the classroom. 

N.B Macbooks do not support touch or stylus use, which may impact on the ability to complete tasks in some subjects. 


2020 Recommended Devices
CBHS have partnered with Cyclone, allowing parents to take advantage of Cyclone's bulk buying of devices across many schools throughout New Zealand.

To access the 2020 recommended devices, please click here.  Select "Christchurch Boys' High School" from the drop-down list.  The password is cbhsbyod.

Assistance to access the Cyclone Digital Device Partnership
Christchurch Boys’ High School recognises that for some parents the purchase of a device for eLearning will present financial challenges.  The Cyclone Digital Device Partnership is available to families who require financial assistance to purchase a device.  Applications can be made to the Headmaster for assistance from the Ivy Taylor Fund held within the Te Kura Trust. Examples of situations that may qualify include:

  • if you needed to provide devices for two or more children at the same time
  • a parent who is receiving significant government assistance

If your application is approved, the school will not fully fund the cost of a device.  We are currently working with Cyclone Computers to provide a purchase option which allows payment over three years at a reasonable interest rate.  The school funds would be used for the set-up and administration fee.  Parents would then be responsible for the monthly repayments. 

The school is required to nominate one model of device for the scheme.  The Lenovo 300e Yoga Convertible has been chosen as it is the cheapest option which meets the current requirements for all subjects up to Year 13.

To access the application form, please click here.